TCO Development will be presenting the importance of sustainability in the smartphone supply chain as part of the United Nations High Level Political Forum in New York on July 9. The side event “Scaling Solutions for Goal 12 for Smartphones and ICT” will present implementable solutions that can help companies and public sector organizations make more sustainable choices when procuring smartphones.

Hosted by UK-based NGO Bioregional, the event will also share the work of the Sustainable Smartphones Working Group, of which TCO Development is a member. The SSWG is a multi-stakeholder initiative focused on smartphones solutions around SDG Goal 12 – Responsible Production and Consumption.

Attendees will learn about real-world solutions for responsible mining and labour practices in developing countries through to procurement, manufacture, product life extension and circular economy solutions for smartphones and ICT.

TCO Development will discuss the importance of driving social responsibility in the IT supply chain and the critical role that volume purchasers have in driving industry to offer more sustainable product options.

Smartphones are a unique kind of product. Purchasing is often more consumer driven, when compared with other IT equipment such as computers. Still, a growing number of organizations are purchasing smartphones in volume and, like IT products, this presents an opportunity for institutional purchasers to drive more sustainability into the product life cycle.

Speakers include:

Annika Linblom, Secretary General, National Commission on Sustainable Development and Counsellor, Ministry of the Environment of Finland
Charlie Arden-Clarke, Head of the One Planet Network (10YFP) Secretariat, UN Environment
Cuno van Geet, Senior policy advisor SCP, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management of the Netherlands
Sue Riddlestone, OBE, CEO and co-founder of Bioregional and co-founder of Transform Together
Bandi Mbubi, Founder, Congo Calling
Clare Hobby, Global Outreach and Communications, TCO Development
Peter Pawlicki, Director of Outreach and Education, Electronics Watch
Helio Mattar, CEO, Akatu Institute for Conscious Consumption
Pranshu Singhal, Founder, Karo Sambhav
Reinhardt Smit, Project Director Africa, Closing the Loop

Event Details:

Event: Scaling Solutions for SDG 12 for Smartphones and ICT.
United Nations High Level Political Forum – New York, USA
Date: July 9, 13.15-14.30
Location: UN Conference Center

Contact:, Global Outreach and Communications