The ongoing sustainability debate engages stakeholders from all over the world. At TCO Development, we continue to commit to driving a more sustainable future for IT products by actively participating in the global discussion

On July 9, Clare Hobby, Global Outreach and Communications, presented at the United Nations High Level Political Forum for the Sustainable Development Goals in New York. Clare highlighted that institutional purchasers are part in shaping the future for smartphones and have an important role in driving sustainability forward in this field. This forum is the United Nations central platform for follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals. With more than 125 government representatives and 2,200 participants, this event is a key arena for developing future sustainability efforts worldwide.

Sören Enholm, CEO, participated in a workshop in Brussels on June 19, organized by the sustainability initiative Transform Together, on Sustainable smartphones: finding a collaborative way forward. At the meeting, 25 experts from governments, research, civil society and industry discussed the path towards a sustainable transformation in the smartphone and IT sector. Sören pointed out that it is key to have institutional purchasers of smartphones in the sustainability discussions because they create the demand for more sustainable products, driving the industry in a more sustainable direction.

On July 4, Gabriella Mellstrand, Marketing & Communications Director, spoke about how ecolabels play a key role in sustainable purchasing during several events taking place at the Swedish political forum Almedalen in Gotland.

TCO Development is the organization behind the global sustainability certification for IT products, TCO Certified. We engage with other stakeholders, and together we continue to drive action toward a more sustainable future. For more information about TCO Certified and our global presence contact us directly or subscribe to our newsletter.